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More broken, twisted limbs blamed on trampoline center

Leg broken in trampoline incident
Leg broken in trampoline incident

By Amy Clancy, KIRO 7 Consumer Investigator


KIRO 7 recently uncovered the many injuries at Sky High Sports in Bellevue, and the first local lawsuit filed against it.


Now, Consumer Investigator Amy Clancy has learned that even more visitors have been injured at the trampoline center, and more are suing Sky High, claiming it’s dangerous.


Even before Clancy’s first investigation aired in March, she received email from people who had seen the promotion for the story and were eager to tell her that they, or their loved-ones, had also been injured at Sky High.


The mother of a teenage boy sent Clancy photos of her son’s compound tibia/fibula fracture, which happened at Sky High. She wrote, "Sky High Sports is 'extremely dangerous.' I am looking forward to seeing the story.”



Other emails and stories of injuries poured in as soon as Clancy’s investigation became public; one from a man who said his son broke his ankle at Sky High Sports; another from a woman who said her son fractured his foot.


Others were willing to tell Clancy their stories on camera, including 12-year-old Eve Hormuth of Sammamish. Hormuth suffered a broken distal fibula and severely sprained ankle while jumping during a birthday party at the Bellevue trampoline center. She recently told Clancy, “I didn’t cry because I’m really brave. But it really, really hurt, and I couldn’t even walk on it.”


Jaime Katzer of Renton was injured at Sky High just days after KIRO 7 shot surveillance video there just days after KIRO 7 revealed the alarming number of injuries sustained at the facility.


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Sky High Sports Statement





However, Eve Hormuth's father worries that the lack of an official record of all injuries sustained at Sky High, such as the 911 reports KIRO 7 obtained through a public documents request, is dangerous. “How many people have really had injuries, and it’s been brushed under the rug, i.e. a non-911 call?” John Hormuth asked while Clancy was interviewing the family. “We as a public have no idea about that. And that’s the troubling part about it.”


But Sky High Sports owner, Jerry Raymond, tells KIRO 7 that injury records are kept. Raymond released a statement saying safety is a priority: “On the rare occurrence when a customer is injured, our staff is trained to report to management. All serious injuries that are reported or that we observe are recorded. Some are not reported or observed. In most cases, we defer to the wishes of our customers with regard to their treatment.”


A spokeswoman for Sky High reveals that roughly 60 injuries have been recorded at the facility since it opened.


To see Sky High Sports' entire statement, click here.

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