Seattle Great Wheel

Seattle Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel, one of the biggest Ferris wheels in the U.S., opens in Seattle, changing the landscape of the waterfront.

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The Seattle Great Wheel

Great Wheel neighbors complain about Seahawks light show

Some people who live in downtown condos are irritated by flashing light displays on Seattle's Great Wheel.

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Seattle Great Wheel

Gay couple claims discrimination at Great Wheel; Owners cite unruly behavior

Two Seattle men say they were kicked off the Great Wheel last weekend because they're gay, but the owners of the waterfront Ferris wheel have a different story about what happened.

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Seattle Great Wheel

Business is booming in Seattle Great Wheel's first week

Crowds clogged the Seattle Great Wheel on Friday, just one week after its grand opening and despite work left to do on the city’s newest landmark.

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The Great Seattle Wheel

Seattle Great Wheel debuts first light show

The Seattle Great Wheel debuted its first light display Wednesday evening. The Ferris wheel first opened publicly on Friday, and in honor of Independence Day, the wheel lit up its newest attraction.

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Seattle Great Wheel at night

Seattle Great Wheel opens on waterfront

Crowds lined up to ride a new attraction on Seattle’s waterfront Friday – a huge Ferris wheel known as the Seattle Great Wheel.

Seattle Great Wheel on Facebook

The Seattle Great Wheel on Facebook

To connect with other Seattle Great Wheel fans, go to the Seattle Great Wheel Facebook page.


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Seattle Great Wheel grand opening

Great Wheel opens with festive fanfare

Seattle's newest landmark, the Seattle Great Wheel Ferris wheel, opens with much fanfare and fun on Pier 57.

Seattle Great Wheel

Great Wheel against city skyline

Photos of Seattle's new Great Wheel Ferris wheel against the city skyline.

Seattle Great Wheel supports

Massive supports arrive for Great Wheel

The massive supports that the Great Wheel will rest on are brought in and slowly put into place.

The Seattle Great Wheel

SeattleInsider: All Hands On Deck For 175-Foot 'Seattle Great Wheel'

The Seattle waterfront will soon welcome the 175-foot "Seattle Great Wheel," a Ferris wheel that is set to become one of the biggest in the United States.

A KIRO 7 Special: The Seattle Great Wheel

A KIRO 7 Special: The Seattle Great Wheel first aired on KIRO 7 June 26, 2012.

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About the Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel

Credit: KIRO / Courtesy Hal Griffith & Associates

Fun Facts

The Seattle Great Wheel will be 175 feet tall and 200 feet off the water. In comparison, the wheel on Santa Monica Pier is 85 feet tall.


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