Gold Buying Tips

Gold Buying Tips

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Antarctica: The Last Frontier

Vast, more frigid than most can imagine, barren and quiet possibly the most fragile ecosystem known to man, Antarctica has been dubbed the “Last Frontier.” Read more here.


Periodot: Outerspace, Pharoahs, Goddesses and Royals

Physically less complicated than its name origin, peridot has had what can only be an extensive interesting history. Many argue the root origin: Is it Arabic as the word “faridat” suggests? Or is French, “peritot”? Read more...

Gold treasure dives

Third times a charm

Submerged below the surface off the coast of Florida, a man is on his annual treasure hunt with his family, sister and parents. Said man is Eric Schmitt, a Florida native who has been successful for the last two years in his efforts to lost remnants of history.  Read more ...


Rough Cuts and Horsebits

The fashion world has a variety of varying aspects including jewelry. From the high-end sporting rare diamonds, rubies, etc.  down to the cheap imitations made of plastic, women and men alike love to adorn themselves in an eye-catching trend setting piece. The most common and popular is the costume jewelry but designers in recent years have been creating more high-end versions of these with quality materials such as gold, platinum and silver. Matching them with pieces of leather, turquoise stones, rough cut emeralds, rubies and amethyst, just to name a few. Read more...

Double Eagle designs

Five Interesting Facts About The 1933 Double Eagle

To say the Double Eagle has had a less than interesting history would be the understatement of the century. From creation it has been a coin rich in history and significance. When I first heard of this coin as a child, I did not understand why the originals were referred to as “double eagle” since quite literally only one said feathered friend appears to be present on the reverse and the obverse always has a woman of Greek descent. Once I got a bit older and was able to grasp the full concept of monetary value, it made perfect sense as to why the $20 coin was named as such.  Read more...


The Ruby: July's striking birthstone

Representative of love, health and fortune, July’s birthstone the ruby is one of the most striking of the precious stones that make up the lot. Though natural rubies vary in color, ranging from deep red to raspberry and pink (most commonly referred to as “pink sapphires”), the most sought after and highly valued is the “pigeons blood” color. Read more ...

Buzz Aldrin

Will Congress Approve a Curved Apollo 11 Coin?

On July 20,1969, the world changed forever. The U.S. successfully landed the first-ever manned craft on the moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took gravity-free steps where no men had ever walked before. They planted a U.S. flag, and in doing so, changed human history for all time. In four years, it will be the 50th anniversary of this momentous occasion. To honor the historic event, a commemorative coin is in the works.

U.S. Open Trophy

How Much Is the U.S. Open Championship Trophy Worth?

Right now, legendary golfers like Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and many others are duking it out at the U.

Gold nuggets

An Epic Journey: How Gold Is Made

Since gold was first discovered, people have wanted to know how to make it. Unfortunately, alchemy is not possible. But how is gold — or Au, its elemental name — created? Though geologists have had theories for years about how the Earth creates gold, it wasn’t until recently that scientists discovered how the universe creates gold. Read more...


Confederate gold

Boxcar Full of Gold at the Bottom of Lake Michigan

One stormy night on Lake Michigan in the late 1800s, a ferry overloaded with boxcars and other freight was being tossed around like a toy. With the vessel in danger of sinking, the crew lightened the load by throwing some of the empty boxcars overboard. It saved the ship. That would have been where the story ended, but according to one man, one of those boxcars may have been full of stolen Confederate gold. Read more...

West Point Mint

The Little-Known Story of the “Fort Knox of Silver”

On Saturday, May 23, the newest group of cadets graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point. The school is the only one in the country that is also home to a U.S. Mint. But the West Point Mint’s proximity to a prestigious military academy isn’t the only thing that makes it special — it’s also home to a massive amount of gold and silver. Read more ...

Uruguayan treasure

Sunken Ship Full of Treasure Lies Off Uruguayan Coast

In 1763, a British ship named Lord Clive was sailing off the coast of what’s now Uruguay. The ship was allegedly stocked with massive amounts of rum, as well as treasure chests full of gold and silver coins. During a raid, Spanish troops attacked the city of Colonia del Sacramento with cannon fire. The Lord Clive was struck in the bombardment, and went down. And so did all the ship’s treasure. Read more ...

Roman coins found at primary school

Ancient Roman Coin Hoard Discovered in a Primary School

Many centuries ago, a Roman citizen who was likely a farmer stashed nearly 300 coins for safekeeping. Experts theorize that the farmer placed the coins in a pot, and buried them deep in the earth to hide them from potential threats. But it appears that the farmer hid the coins a little too well, because they stayed buried for thousands of years. Read more ...

Forrest Fenn Treasure

$2 Million Treasure Hidden in Rocky Mountains

Summer is coming. Which means barbeques, beaches, camping, and, if you’re lucky, grand adventure. This summer, people all over the country will head to the Rocky Mountains. Some will come to hike, some to whitewater raft, some to mountain bike, and some in search of fortune. That’s because millionaire Forrest Fenn has hidden a box full of gold coins, gemstones and jewelry somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Fenn has also written a book of clues, enticing treasure hunters from around the world. But so far, all the searching has been in vain.  Read more ...

Arkansas diamond

Woman Finds 3.69-Carat Diamond at State Park

Last time you went to a state park, what did you find? Maybe some sea glass or an interesting shell. Or maybe you just found a beautiful mountain view and some serenity. What you likely didn’t find is a giant diamond. Well, in Arkansas, that’s exactly what one woman recently discovered.  Read more...

Yellow gold jewelry

Yellow and Rose Gold Drive Gold Demand

For much of the ’00s, platinum, white gold, and silver ruled runways and street styles. But in the last few years, both yellow gold and rose gold have made huge comebacks. The romantic hues offer a more robust feel than their silver-looking counterparts, leading to a high demand for stylish accessories all over the world. But is fashion impacting the precious metals market? Possibly. Read more...

Indian gold

Why Gold Sales Soar in April

While April 21st may just be a regular Tuesday for most of us, in India it’s a very special holiday. Akshaya Tritiya is an annual event celebrated when the moon and the sun are at equal brightness. Both Hindus and Jains observe the holiday. But what does this have to do with gold sales? Read more...

Thomas Jefferson currency

Thomas Jefferson’s Lasting Legacy in Coins and Currency

April 13th marks 272 years since the birth of Thomas Jefferson. Since then Jefferson has become an almost mythical figure. His contributions to U.S. history keep his memory alive today. Specifically, Jefferson lives on in the coins and currency that honor him. Here are three enduring pieces of U.S. currency honoring the third U.S. President. Read more...

The Surprising Reason We Give Coins on Easter

Easter is full of strange traditions. From egg-laying bunnies, to the ever-changing date, many Easter traditions are a bit puzzling. So year after year, chocolate coins and real coins are stashed in Easter eggs and little thought is given as to why this is. And like many traditions, finding out exactly where it came from can be a bit difficult. But there’s one ancient Easter tradition that may explain why coins and Easter remain linked. Read more ...

Spring Coin Collage

Six Floral Coins to Celebrate Spring

Spring is here! Daylight lasts longer and longer. Birds are singing. Flowers are blooming all around us. Our neighbors to the north in Canada enjoy many of the same beautiful spring flowers that we do. Perhaps that’s why Canada has minted so many beautiful coins with designs based on spring-blooming flowers. In honor of spring’s floral bounty, here are six Canadian coins featuring spring flowers. Read more...

Golden Apple

Apple Creates a New Type of Gold

For the last few centuries, gold technology hasn’t seen a tremendous amount of progress. During the Industrial Revolution, gold jewelry and coin production became easier and jewelry more intricate. Aside from those innovations, however, the way we create gold items now is similar to how it was done centuries ago. Leave it to Apple to reinvent the wheel. While designing the new 18-karat gold Apple Watch, Apple also created (and patented) a new type of gold called Apple Gold. But what makes Apple Gold so different?  Read more ...

Pot of gold

Why People Look for a Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here! Most of us celebrate the Irish holiday by wearing green and drinking Guinness. Some people may even commemorate the holiday by searching for that pot of gold coins at the end of a rainbow. Of all the Irish traditions and myths we hear about on St. Patrick’s Day, the pot of gold is the most potentially profitable — and the least believable. So where did this myth come from? The story behind the legend is almost as magical as leprechauns themselves. Read more ...

Cricket World Cup coin

What You Need to Know About the Cricket World Cup Coin

Picture a sport played with a bat and a ball on a field. You thought of baseball, right? Well, if you were from Australia, New Zealand, parts of Asia, England, South Africa, or many other countries around the world, chances are you would have thought of cricket. Right now, the eyes of the cricket world are focused Down Under for the Cricket World Cup — as well as the fabulous new coin that was issued commemorating the tournament. Read more ...

Gold coins

Divers Accidentally Find Giant Gold Coin Hoard in Israel

In early February, six divers decided to go for a casual dive near an ancient harbor known as Caesarea. But what they thought would be an ordinary day underwater turned out to be a life-changing experience. During the dive, the divers spotted something that looked like play money lying on the seabed. Playing it safe, the divers decided to head back to shore, and contact the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). The IAA immediately deployed divers to join the divers back at the site. As soon as the IAA divers saw the coins, they knew they’d made a huge discovery.  Read more...

Martha Washington dollar bills

The First and Last Woman on the Dollar Bill

George Washington’s birthday was on Sunday, and, while most people recognize our first president on the dollar bill, many don’t know how the first U.S. dollar bill came to be. Before the note we know today, the bill went through many incarnations -- two of which included the only portrait of a woman ever found on U.S. paper currency. Read more...

Rare coins

How to Make $150,000 Selling Coins From Your Closet

About 40 years ago, a gentleman inherited a bunch of old coins. He stored them safe and sound in a closet. And there they stayed. That is, until he started thinking about buying some gold as an investment and took his coins to Bellevue Rare Coins to get a free evaluation. Both the gentleman and the employee evaluating the coins were in for a huge surprise. Read more...

Lincoln collage

Little-Known Abraham Lincoln Currency

February 12th marks 206 years since Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin in Kentucky. It’s hard to fathom how the world has changed since then. To this day, Lincoln remains the most popular president on currency, with both the Lincoln Cent and the $5 bill bearing his likeness. But aside from the Lincoln currency we’re all familiar with, Lincoln has been featured on some lesser-known U.S. currency as well. Here are some of the more uncommon pieces of currency featuring honest Abe. Read more...

Super Bowl coin toss coin

Little-Known Facts About the Super Bowl Coin Toss

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here. This weekend, the Seattle Seahawks take on the New England Patriots in Arizona. And what’s the very first thing done on the football field? A coin is tossed, and a team picks heads or tails. If you love football, and you love coins, then the Super Bowl coin toss coin is the rare item that marries these two interests seamlessly. Here is everything you need to know about the official Super Bowl coin. Read more...

Franklin D. Roosevelt

How FDR Changed U.S. Coinage While Fighting Polio

Franklin D. Roosevelt has a sweeping legacy that still impacts lives today. Whether it’s Social Security benefits or the Hoover Dam, the effects of Roosevelt’s accomplishments can be felt all over the U.S. Perhaps the best tribute to FDR is the Roosevelt dime. But what many don’t know is that the Roosevelt dime wasn’t created in honor of the president himself, but given to honor the work he did helping fight polio. Read more...

Ben Franklin’s Many Gifts to Colonial Currency

Ben Franklin’s Many Gifts to Colonial Currency

When most people think about Benjamin Franklin and currency, they think of, well, the Benjamin. The U.S. $100 bill is literally synonymous with Benjamin Franklin. But that is by no means his only tie to U.S. currency. Benjamin Franklin was integral in the printing of some of the U.S.’s very first paper currency. Read more ...

Coins found

$1.5 Million Silver Coin Hoard Found in England

Last month on Sunday, December 21st, many of us were going to holiday parties or baking cookies. But not the Weekend Wanderers Detecting Club. They went out hunting for treasure with their metal detectors. One member, Paul Coleman, almost didn’t go, because the cost of gas was straining his budget. In fact, he had to persuade his adult son and his son’s friend to join him and contribute gas money. Considering the treasure they uncovered on their outing, it’s apparent they made the right choice. Read more...

Lt. George Dixon coin

The Gold Coin That Saved a Soldier’s Life

It was early in the Civil War in April of 1862, and the battle was on. The Battle of Shiloh to be exact, in southwestern Tennessee. Confederate soldier Lt. George Dixon was in the thick of it. Unfortunately, a Union soldier got the better of him, and shot Dixon in the leg at close range. Miraculously, the bullet ricocheted off a gold coin in his pocket and Dixon lived. But why did he carry a gold coin into battle?  Read more ...

For Success in the New Year, Ring It in with Coins

For Success in the New Year, Ring It in with Coins

The New Year is the time of year that many of us make resolutions to better ourselves. A lot of those resolutions have to do with money, mainly regarding how to get — and keep — more money. So perhaps it’s no surprise that cultures around the globe ring in the New Year with coins. Whether the coins are baked into a cake, or shaken in a can, people all over the world find fun ways to incorporate coins into their New Year’s celebrations. Read more...

Top 10 coins of 2014

Top Ten Terrific Bullion Coins of 2014

The year is coming to a close, and 2015 is right around the corner. Everybody in the coin world is already talking about next year’s hot releases. But before we move on, let’s reminisce about some of the best coins from this past year. Whether you love sports, superheroes, or animals, there’s something for everyone on this year’s list of the top ten coins.  Read more...

The Denver Mint

Pike’s Peak Gold Rush and the Birth of the Denver Mint

In the 1850s in the United States, when many people thought of the Wild West, they thought of gold. Tales of people from showing up broke as beggars and leaving as rich as sultans were told all over America. Read more ...

Spider Man coin

Spidey Sense Says Spider-Man Coin Is Super Hot

Imagine this. Mysterio has taken control of the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. What’s worse, Mary Jane Watson is trapped inside with him! Just when all hope is lost, Spider-Man appears to apprehend Mysterio, saving the Mint, and more importantly, Mary Jane. This is the type of scenario that has kept Spider-Man fans enthralled for half a century. And to commemorate this milestone, the Niue Islands believed that Spider-Man deserved a coin. Read more...

Antique jewelry

Five Reasons to Give Antique Jewelry

The holidays are upon us, and everybody’s in the giving spirit. No matter who that special someone is in your life, they probably love jewelry. But picking out just the right piece can be challenging. You want the jewelry to be beautiful and unique, and of course you want the best price. One way to get exquisite jewelry at an exceptional price is to buy antique jewelry. Here are five reasons it’s the perfect gift. Read more...

2015 Chinese Panda Coins

The 2015 Chinese Panda Coins Have Radically Changed

Every year, China releases a new bullion coin, and each year, collectors scramble to get them. One side of the coin changes every year, so collectors can always count on something new with the Chinese Panda coin. But for 2015, everything has changed. Read more...

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